Learnings from Borlänge

Library Nadia Naty Everard More

The project, facing Sveatorget, one of the main squares of Borlänge is a library, a place to learn, study and share knowledge. The architecture of this civic building is inspired by the Swedish Grace tradition of the 1920’ with a less orthodox classicism and Egyptian ornamentation, something that some of Brussels Victor Horta buildings share with Sweden.

The main façade is mainly classically composed and reinterprets features of the Swedish Grace and John Soane architecture. The composition is simple, symmetrical and hierarchical and it supports the urban space. The strong vertical movement and monumental nature of the façade is introduced with the long vertical windows and slender pilasters.

In the centre of the façade, the portico exposes the main entrance of the library. The portico has columns with Tuscan proportions and an Egyptian looking. The portico main façade is centred on a column, on each side, an arch, followed by two coupled columns.

The library contains a variety of rooms in enfilade of different sizes and heights. From the public square, one can enter the library through a portico, followed by a circular vestibule, which leads to the main oval hall. The hall, a place to meet and discuss serves the two main study rooms, square in shape with passageways around to access the books. Into the main study rooms, a delicate light comes from the tall vertical windows of the main façade.