Learnings from Borlänge

Library Jofrid Sandgren Østenstad More

During our visit to Borlänge, I got the idea to try to “translate” the current library into a classical language. This stayed on as an inspiration source, but many other ideas were also combined into the project. 

I wanted the building to have a certain playfulness to it. The window frames of the dormers are inspired by the shape of an open book, a motif that is repeated throughout the building. “Storytelling” became the central theme in the project. The sculptures flanking the entrance as well as the stone relief above it related to how stories help shape our identities, relaying the library’s role as a cultural institution.  

The grandiose doric colonnade around the entrance was the physical starting point for my design. It took a lot of testing of different concepts to create a good balance for the rest of the long facade. I put less focus on the shorter facade facing the street, yet in the end, both I and the critics agreed that it turned out the most interesting and pleasant one. The side entrance is inspired by both the Stockholm City library and Vaksalaskolan in Uppsala.