Learnings from Borlänge

Library Emile Kufel More

Borlänge has a need for buildings with a Swedish charm and civic character to regenerate its urban fabric. This library design proposes an alternative to the current situation by drawing its inspiration in the legacy of Swedish Grace.

It is a typical classical building: horizontal, symmetrical, with regular rows of windows. However, this monumental library stands out as a feature in the townscape with its blue washed walls and its rotunda in avant-corps of the main façade. On top of its dome, a pine cone recalls to the theme of the forest and symbolizes prosperity.

One can notice the filiation of this building with the Vaksala School designed by Gunnar Leche in 1925-27 in Uppsala. The ornaments and moldings are done in small touches: a decorative layout in the lower part of the facade seats the building, sometimes the windows pediments change shape to bring variety and a frieze of swags brings lightness and fancy.

A more personal influence of its designer, Emile Kufel, who studied architectural engineering in Brussels (Belgium) was the reference to the Art Déco ironworks of the Villa Empain in the design of the entrance doors of the library.