Learnings from Borlänge

Library Tomasz Geras More

My first intention was to create a gentle transition between two side streets and the square’s frontage. The general idea consists of two massive “piers” flanking an open, see-through middle part. The columns are put on low pedestals to create a friendly, inviting, entrance-like impression – known from greek stoas. 

The style chosen is ionic, as it is traditionally believed to fit educational institutions best. The entablature could be decorated either with festoons or “PUBLIC LIBRARY” sign. Over each window there is a place for medallions in memory of famous, Swedish writers. 

Side volumes are treated in raw, restrained way; which seems to be typical of 1920s Swedish architecture. Some window surrounds are “carved” in thick wall; and side pillasters seem to merge in the facade – which is both uncanonical and playful.