Learnings from Borlänge

School Vincent Veneman More

For a university building to fit at this prominent location in Borlänge, I aimed for a monumental yet playful and restrained design, inspired by 1920’s ‘Swedish Grace’ architecture. I particularly studied Gunnar Leche’s Vaksalaskolan in Uppsala from 1927, with its striking slightly curved facade and light-hearted take on classical architecture.

The difficulty laid in achieving a toned-down and balanced application of mouldings and ornaments as well as in finding elegant proportions. I’m happy how it turned out, given the fact that we had 6 days to complete the exercise.

The building would have a granite base and rusticated arches, a light-blue stucco-on-brick façade, white architraves, swags and pilasters, black iron window frames and a green copper roof. One enters the building through the central doors on each façade. The arched openings on the left and right frame a bookshop and a university café.