Learnings from Borlänge

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This was one of the first architectural designs that I have ever drawn, so it was a huge task for me. I ran out of time, but still I’m very happy about this experience and what I was able to do. Also a big thank you to our outstanding teachers and tutors.

My inspiration for the tall windows came from classical university buildings that I have seen in America, while the wide half ark entry and the shape of the roof I took from the Swedish Grace. The main entry reminds me from castles and it gives a feeling of security. From the psychological point of view, the feeling of being in a safe environment is the very basic demand for learning any new. Castle-like entry also emphasizes surrounding robust walls that attenuates outside noise, creating a peaceful learning environment in which it is good to focus. The tall windows in turn symbolizes the path of enlightenment of the knowledge that the education gives. Through them you can see up to the heights. Together with the high ceiling height of the interior, this creates an uplifting atmosphere that lets the ideas fly.