Learnings from Borlänge

School Anna Larraine Rienton More

Inspiration for this project comes from observing the existing architecture of Borlänge. Symmetry of the design places focus into the central plane to put emphasis on the entrance portico. For its attachments to knowledge and education, the Ionic order is used for the columns and as an order for the entire design. Statues adorning the balcony atop the entrance depicts some famous citizens of Borlänge. The central circular window at the pediment is a nod to the city’s steelwork expertise, a design encasing an embossed HD for Högskolan Dalarna. This steelwork is placed in front of a circular window, producing an amiable space where sunlight casts a shadow on the design.

The side elevation reflects the front elevation to ensure unity. The walls and pediments are lime rendered to provide a contrast for the egg and dart adorned dark window mouldings. Similarly, the base is dark stone slab. The colour scheme is reminiscent of the older buildings in the city. Designing for a University Building in Borlänge was a challenging learning experience and the application of the classical elements is a testament to the teachings of the summer school.