'Leaf Planter' David Gray Text

Work Description:

Flowing leaf forms carved onto a twisted square extrusion in clay. The piece was created as exploration of geometry for creating architectural ceramics and will be cast in plaster for slip cast vases.

David developed multiple approaches to ceramics first through a Sculpture degree at Dundee University and then as a member of the diverse Glasgow Ceramic Studio in Scotland.

An interest in geometry and pattern making led to a masters course in Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts at the Princes Foundation School of Traditional Arts in London. This lead to a series of workshops and collaborative projects in India and Vietnam focusing on the heritage crafts of the Gond and Red Dao (Also called the Yao in China) ethnic groups.

After completing a masters in Material Practice at Edinburgh University, he is developing a range of Architectural ceramics that harmonise urban spaces with the natural world. By utilising cross disciplinary craft approaches he seeks to create geometries that would often be created using software.