Learnings from Borlänge

Train Station Zi Ken Toh More

In designing this train station, I considered the long vistas that the site afforded, as one would be able to see the station not only from across the plaza, but also from along the train tracks from quite a distance. Therefore, I chose to design a commanding clock tower which would be like a beacon to herald the entry into Borlange.

The design also draws from the grand train terminals in New York, with their monumental early 20th century architecture, celebrating the arrival of the railways, and incorporates a large central waiting room, lit by large diocletian windows in the clerestory.  Designing for the context, instead of being fully in stone, the new station is designed with render over brickwork in mind, which is a common architectural finish in the region, with stone columns and entablatures.

One of the difficulties in reaching this design was determining the height of the tower and the width of the central portico, and making sure that the overall composition of the elevations was balanced, despite the asymmetry of a single tower in one corner. Hopefully the result is a balanced composition which is both grand but relatively modest in its ornamentation, and well-suited to its context.