Learnings from Borlänge

Train Station Alexander Dowthwaite More

Train stations are, today, too often the dreary and unceremonious termini where accosted commuters are expectorated ignominiously from their unpleasant subterranean journeys into squalid miasmas of diesel fumes and instant coffee. This unfortunate state of affairs was the author’s secondary inspiration for this proposal. The first was the beautiful and unique architectural heritage of Borlänge, Sweden, which endures in many quarters of the city to this day, and to which this proposal seeks to pay due homage.

The design was an attempt to reflect local precedents and some of the elegant modesty of the “Swedish Grace” style, using simple forms such as the minimal articulation of string courses alongside moments of concentrated ornament in areas such as significant entrances or windows to create the unique and varied, yet refined classicism that we associate with Sweden.

In short; this proposal was a modest attempt to re-establish the train station as a deserving conclusion to a journey, and the polite threshold of a good city worth the trip.