Learnings from Borlänge

Train Station Jakub Ryng More

To my mind, the brief for a new train station for Borlänge calls for an impressive gateway building to mark the arrival into town, as well as offer a substantial civic presence to the newly proposed square. My design builds on the long tradition of grand and generous railway stations conceived as local and municipal landmarks and places for the public to gather. 

The modular, arcuated language borrows from the architecture of Edwin Lutyens, though the overall building form dates all the way back to the architecture of ancient Roman baths. The proposed material palette of red brick and granite is a nod to the industrial heritage of the city. As a reference to the nineteenth’s century local ironworks, the design also incorporates intricate metalwork detailing, particularly within the arched windows and in the station clock, which is framed in a delicate lattice of stained glass and stone surrounds.