'FRACTURED' Ahuva Zeloof Text

This piece, FRACTURED, was created during the Coronavirus lock-down. I am sculptor with a passion for stone-carving. I usually choose my rocks with the ability to feel and see them close at hand, as the details – like veins, colour variations, and shapes – are important factors in the decision of what they will eventually become. Due to social distancing, I was forced to step outside of my usual routine and order my rocks over the phone. I am 74 and isolating alone so the physicality of huge rocks also played into the production of this piece – I was able to move them only using my grandchildren’s skateboard! I was determined to use the time in self-isolation creatively, to bring something bright and positive into the world for the future that is to come. The challenge was to work with what I am given, and to make do with the unknown. The resulting piece, FRACTURED, speaks to the painful separation of family and friends. Yet despite the obvious fracture the figure radiates a sense of serene optimism, raising their face to the bright sunlight which shines upon it.